DIRECTOR // ہدایت کار

In the year 2030, two sisters, Noreen & Hafsa live in a community without water. Water is supplied only once in two weeks by a water tanker that no longer meets their needs. When two weeks pass with no sign of the water supplier, Noreen & Hafsa take to the streets where queues of parched community members await the water tanker. 



PRODUCER // پروڈیوسر

Zamda lives in a makeshift shelter in Pakistan with other displaced people. One wall is covered with photographs of missing loved ones; Zamda, a guarded young woman trying to hide her despair, is seen pasting her husband’s picture up with the rest. Amid the shelter’s bustle, she finds solace in friendship with a younger girl who makes her a gift of an inspiring drawing. She also senses her husband’s presence, reminding her of love’s enduring strength, but it is impossible to avoid seeing the hated Rusul, who was responsible for her exile but who is now in the same shelter. Zamda’s inner turmoil and the chaos around her are beautifully interwoven to bring home the daily reality of what it means to be displaced.



DIRECTOR // ہدایت کار

Surya talks about the TB epidemic that has been worsened by the use of Kerosene lamps in rural Pakistani households which are off-grid. The film showcases a young character trying to find a solar run lamp to save her nephew from catching the disease. The film shows just how much better renewable energy can be and at the same time sheds light on the grim realities of perishable energy resources.

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